Co-Managed Services

Kirkham IronTech Provides You Access to a Larger Pool of Specialized Technical Resources and Expertise

Get The Best of Both Worlds
With Co-Managed Services

Co-managed IT/cybersecurity is a service model that allows businesses and administrators to customize which IT/cybersecurity services to keep in-house and which to partner with an external service provider. It involves the client and service provider sharing responsibility for the management of the IT and cybersecurity infrastructure, such as monitoring, patching, and incident response. Co-managed services also provide businesses with the flexibility to control the number of in-house technicians they need, while still having access to external support.

Advanced Insights

Improved visibility into the performance of your IT infrastructure through real-time monitoring and insights

Be More Productive

Increased efficiency and productivity through optimized IT support processes

Enhanced Security

Timely implementation of security patches and upgrades to safeguard against emerging cyber risks

Stop Issues Faster

Faster identification and resolution of potential system vulnerabilities

We Work With Your Existing IT Team or Staff
to Ensure Optimum Efficiency

Save Money and Lower Costs

Reduced operational costs by utilizing the expertise of both internal and external resources

Increased Scalability

Meet changing business needs without investing heavily in additional personnel or hardware

Improve Customer Experience

Improve customer experience from faster service delivery

"Our Information is Secure!“

Kirkham IronTech keeps our information secure, solves any issue quickly and efficiently, and provides specific, customized solutions. The single biggest benefit to our company since moving to Kirkham IronTech is the knowledge that our information is secure and if we encounter any technology issues, they can address and find solutions quickly and efficiently."

"They Know Our Business!"

"As a local business, they know our company and our needs and are able to make specific recommendations and customize solutions. They’re able to provide in-office, same-day assistance, and they stay up-to-date with the ever changing technology world.”

"Gives Us Peace of Mind!"

“Kirkham IronTech give us peace of mind knowing they are a highly qualified and dependable company who always has our back with any problems or issues we may encounter. They are persistent in solving issues, capable of handling whatever arises in a prompt timeframe with a professional yet always pleasant staff. If you’re having trouble choosing a professional small business IT services company, you can’t go wrong with Kirkham IronTech. You get skilled technicians, quality service and always friendly attitudes.”

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