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Finding the right plan for your company is crucial to ensure the best IT support and protection of your digital assets.

Get Industry Leading Cybersecurity & IT Services for Your Enterprise

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Focus on growing your business while we handle the security of your data.

  • Network & Cloud Security
  • Consulting
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Employee Training
  • And more

Managed IT Services

Maintain peak operation in the IT network of your business while increasing efficiency.

  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • IT Support / Help Desk
  • Remote Workforce Solutions
  • Network Security/Monitoring
  • And more

Co-Managed Services

Get access to a larger pool of specialized technical resources and expertise.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhanced Security
  • Escalate Efficiency
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • And more

FAQs About Our Services

How much do Kirkham IronTech services cost?

This is based on upon your business security and risk assessment/audit and business objectives. Our objective is to make sure you’re properly protected and not over or under spending based upon industry benchmarks.

Why is having an IT/Cybersecurity budget important?

It’s important to understand what your peers are spending on IT and cybersecurity. The average cost for a typical IT budget is 9-15% of gross annual revenue (regardless of size). Usually, the cybersecurity budget is 10% of the IT budget. Investing in a cybersecurity and IT budget is important because it can help protect your business, employees, clients, and vendors from data breaches, system shutdowns, and other malicious attacks.

Is antivirus enough to protect my business from cyber attacks?

No! Relying solely on antivirus as a form of protection for your business is not enough. Antivirus cannot protect against more advanced cyber threats such as zero-day attacks and ransomware.

Can you provide support for businesses with multiple locations?

Yes! Most of our clients have multiple locations.

How can Kirkham IronTech help me with compliance and regulations?

We specialize in compliance and regulation assistance for many different industries.

Why don't you provide client lists and references?

We specialize in compliance, regulation and of course cybersecurity across a vast array of industries. We do not provide lists or contact information of clients or companies that we work for. We take this so seriously that it takes a vote from our board to release a name of a client.

Why does my business need both IT and cybersecurity?

Your business needs both IT and cybersecurity because they serve two distinct but related purposes. IT (Information Technology) refers to the use of computers, software, and networking in efficiently managing data, information, and communication. Cybersecurity deals specifically with protecting computer systems and networks from unauthorized access, theft, damage, or any other type of cyber attack.

Does Kirkham IronTech provide technical/non-technical assessments and audits?

Yes, Kirkham IronTech provides both technical/non-technical assessments and audits. We utilize industry standard assessments and a unique proprietary audit. Depending on the size of your organization, you may need a more in-depth technical assessment.

Can Kirkham IronTech provide local and/or remote IT support?

Yes! We are able to provide around-the-world support with our remote technologies. When needed, our partner network can provide local support, in person.

Will Kirkham IronTech work with my current IT company/staff?

Yes, Kirkham IronTech loves working with your existing IT company and/or staff. We consider ourselves partners in your company’s success.

Do I need both cybersecurity and cyber insurance?

Cybersecurity is essential for protecting your business against cyber threats, but they’re not foolproof. Cyber insurance provides financial protection in case of a breach and may cover some costs of the cyber attack. Our job is to prevent cyber attacks, before they occur.

Do I need cybersecurity training to work at Kirkham IronTech

Cybersecurity training is essential if you’re working in our cybersecurity department, but we have many other positions in administration, marketing and sales that you may be qualified for. We are always on the lookout for the best talent to add to our growing company. Send us your resume!

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